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Earn Money Episode Part 2 - Type of Earning ? What is Active income and Passive Income ?

Earn Money ways
1. Active Income
2. Passive Income

Active Income -  Get job from Company/Individual/Industries/Freelancer earn money on daily/monthly/yearly/project/work basis
Now a days most of the people in the world following this way to earn money to manage life

Active Income jobs
Daily JOB - Job at IT company, Teacher, cheff, Driver,Freelancer etc

Advantage :
 regular income
 No investment
 No risks
Disadvantage :
 Daily commitments
 Have Boss

Passive Income - Do any one of Passive Income jobs(Job list given below) at your own time/ full time earn money for life time

Passive Income jobs :
(Educational skills)
Youtuber/subscribtion based youtube video provider
Affiliate MarketterPromoter
Book Author(E-books/Normal books)
Professional Singer/Dancer
Website Developer(Products or Services)
Application Developer(Android IOS)
Games Developer
Shortflim/Movie Maker etc,.
(Natural skills)
Picture Artist
Acting skill etc,.
and many more..

Earn money even at retired age
No Boss :)

Disadvantage :
Not stable income
have risks
have investment
Income not predictable

You can earn money in active or passive or both.
I will explain those things in next.
Hope this information will be usefull for you.