Learn to Earn Real Money part 1 Category : Earn Money | Updated at : 2019-02-15 01:41:07

Earn Money Part 1 - How to earn money ?

Evey people in the world have their own thoughts in mind about how to earn more quickly legaly fastly genuealy

It is very simple. just relax and think your present situation for a minute.

present situation means your skills / your knowledge / your intrest / your hobbies / your strength / your weakness.

Ater That try to find suitable job in your intrest may be its suitable for your skills/knowledge/intrest/hobbies/strength

Example : if my skill is Web designer(Education Skill) and Coffee Maker(natural skill)

I have to search job in Web design companies or some coffee shops

if i need more money.I choose Web design companies.
They may give salary based on yearly/monthly basis.
If i work hard and they will promote me to higher and higher
I will get more salary and earn quickly legaly

if i need less/average money.I choose any coffee shops.
They may give salary based on weekly/monthly basis.
If my coffee was good and i will collect more customers daily for my coffee.
after my boss will increse my pay and earn quickly legaly

Some people think if i have no skill then what i have to do ?
Answer is simple. search intrest/hobbies based job .
Still some people think what to do if i have nothing ?
Again Answer is simple. Just improve your skills.
How to improve you skills ?
Choose domain you like example Cooking, Information Technology etc,..
Learn through internet(Youtube or any other) or join cource in education centre(College/University). It will helps to improve your skills.